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In our center, special individual programs are developed that allow a comprehensive approach to the preservation of the patient's health.

Qualified doctors, modern equipment, the latest medical technologies, comfortable conditions, convenient location and affordable prices make the medical center an excellent choice for solving your medical problems!

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Services of our center

The best specialists, the most popular services, convenient location, no queues!

  • Geneo - от 7 500 ₽ (since 100 USD)
  • Liposonix - от 1 500 ₽ (since 30 USD)
  • RF-lifting(Radio wave lifting) - от 3 000 ₽ (since 40 USD)
  • Plasma therapy(Plasma lifting) - от 5500 ₽ (since 70 USD)
  • Dermatological peels - от 3500 ₽ (since 45 USD)
  • Vascular therapy - от 5000 ₽ (since 65 USD)
  • Mesotherapy, biorevitalization - от 13 500 ₽ (since 175 USD)
  • Intralipotherapy - от 4 200 ₽ (since 55 USD)
  • Intradermal contouring - от 13 500 ₽ (since 175 USD)
  • Laennek Therapy - от 6 000 ₽ (since 75 USD)
  • How to make an appointment

    Are you already in Russia?

    You can leave your phone number using the form on the website — we will call you back. You can also call us by phone+7 (988) 732-44-11 (rus) and make an appointment.

    Are you abroad?

    If you are abroad and you need an invitation for treatment, please fill out the form, sign it and send it with a copy of your passport to our mail: meddogptg@yandex.ru. We also need to know which embassy you will apply to for a visa.

    Download the form: application_for_treatment

    * Attention, to receive an invitation, you must guarantee:

  • Your purpose of your visit to Russia is medical treatment in our clinic
  • You have enough money to stay in Russia and you have made an advance payment for treatment
  • You have a place to live in Russia and you have health insurance
  • You will strictly comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation
  • After receiving the form, we will study the possibility of providing you with the necessary assistance, issue an invoice for prepayment and send you an invitation letter.

    After the prepayment is made, the necessary documents will be submitted for the official invitation to be issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The invitation will be sent directly to the embassy.

    Information about medical tourism in the Russian Federation


    Our banking details

    Medik-Profi, MSRN (Main State Registration Number) 1172651021036, TIN (taxpayer identification number) 2632109310 Legal address: 5A Kalinina Avenue, office 1, Pyatigorsk, Stavropol Territory, 357500 License to carry out medical activities № ЛО-26-01-004500

    Phone numbers:

    +7 (988) 732-44-11

    Operating mode:

    ПН-ВС с 09:00 до 19:00


    г. Пятигорск, пр. Калинина, 5а

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